To make Dijon win!

Dijon, European Ecological reference

World renowned for its gastronomy and the quality of its historical heritage as a gastronomic area, Dijon is also a European reference from an environmental standpoint. Driven by a strong political will, through ambitious investments, the territory has been transformed in terms of town planning and ecology. In 15 years, Dijon has became this radiant city open to the world, regularly at the top of the rankings of the most pleasant cities in France to live in.

The launch in 2012 of 20 km of tramay, the development of the urban heating network (one of the most extensive in France), the pedestrianization initiated in city center, the construction of numerous eco-districts… so many achievements that testify this metamorphosis. More recently, Dijon has also distinguished itself, nationaly and internationally, thanks to many innovative perspectives. For exemple, its sustainable food project, labeled “Territoire d’Innovation” in 2019 by the State, or the development of the OnDijon system, making of Dijon the first SmartCity in France, and, more recently, the European H2020 projet with its futur positive energy district.

There is no shortage of good examples. The little ones either. Because ecology is measured above all at the citizen’s level. More trees planted, more cycle paths, fewer cars in town, more organic and local school catering, better air quality… You can truly measure all this progress on a daily basis.

European Green Capital 2022 Award : Dijon is a finalist

Among the candidate cities for the European Green Capital Awards, eighteen were still in competition at the end of the first selection phase in November 2019. These cities included : Belgrade (Serbia), Budapest (Hungary), Sofia (Bulgaria), as well as three French cities, Lyon, Grenoble, and Dijon. Now, we know the four finalist cities: Grenoble, Tallinn (Estonia) and Turin (Italy), and of course Dijon!

Engage with us!

To complete this project, the commitment of each of you will make the difference. Are you from Dijon, are-you proud of your City? Support Dijon to make it The European Green Capital in 2022!

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